Child Side Playgroup

and School follows

child protection and

protective behaviour

processes.  We deliver

the Keeping Safe: Child

Protection Curriculum.



is inspired
by the

practices of

which are
woven into a
flexible & organic
style of education
designed for

What We Offer
High adult to child ratio

each child is well-known, cared about and unlikely to slip through the cracks

Small by design

we can seriously personalise learning and academically challenge every child and humanise the process

Highly researched

innovative practice relevant to living in the 21st Century, connecting children to the world rather than isolating them behind four walls and a door; children who can cope and thrive with modern living and its requirements


work place conducive for all children to ‘be, belong, become’ – engaged and responsive children enjoying their childhood and education


Below we have provided a short history of the major moments and stages that have brought us to where we are today. There has been a lot of hard work by so many parents, family, friends and volunteers as well as generous contributions from individuals and businesses. Financial support has also been received from Commonwealth, State and Local Government through grants. Our thanks goes to them all.

The journey has and continues to be a huge undertaking that required becoming familiar with shire requirements, planning applications, neighbourhood approvals, Office of Non-Government Education processes, grant applications, building construction, landscaping and renovations. There have been many high and low points, but these images and words are provided to celebrate our successes and achievements. By keeping a positive mind helps us to not only appreciate but continue to find ways to improve the environment we have worked so hard to produce for our children.







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