Child Side Playgroup

and School follows

child protection and

protective behaviour

processes.  We deliver

the Keeping Safe: Child

Protection Curriculum.



is inspired
by the

practices of

which are
woven into a
flexible & organic
style of education
designed for

What We Offer
High adult to child ratio

each child is well-known, cared about and unlikely to slip through the cracks

Small by design

we can seriously personalise learning and academically challenge every child and humanise the process

Highly researched

innovative practice relevant to living in the 21st Century, connecting children to the world rather than isolating them behind four walls and a door; children who can cope and thrive with modern living and its requirements


work place conducive for all children to ‘be, belong, become’ – engaged and responsive children enjoying their childhood and education

Parents & Friends Group

The Parents and Friends (P&F) group enables parents who would like to contribute more to the school but can not afford to take on the level of commitment required for the Governing Council (GC), to do so. The primary aim of the P&F group is to:

  • establish, prepare and coordinate fund raising activities both within and outside of your school community, and
  • raise awareness about your school and educational vision at public events.

The P&F group is less formal than the GC and meetings occur as and when they are needed, with at least one gathering each term. There are many regular school events and fund raising activities that occur during the year, however the P&F group are always seeking out new ideas such as funding grants and publicity opportunities. Each member is free to use their imagination and ingenuity, and a very flexible yet coordinated approach is taken by the P&F group in helping to sustain your school.

If you want to find out more contact the Parent and Friend Group at:

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