Child Side Playgroup

and School follows

child protection and

protective behaviour

processes.  We deliver

the Keeping Safe: Child

Protection Curriculum.



is inspired
by the

practices of

which are
woven into a
flexible & organic
style of education
designed for

What We Offer
High adult to child ratio

each child is well-known, cared about and unlikely to slip through the cracks

Small by design

we can seriously personalise learning and academically challenge every child and humanise the process

Highly researched

innovative practice relevant to living in the 21st Century, connecting children to the world rather than isolating them behind four walls and a door; children who can cope and thrive with modern living and its requirements


work place conducive for all children to ‘be, belong, become’ – engaged and responsive children enjoying their childhood and education

Sharing Skills

Did you know your school has a family skills, knowledge and experience database?

Those who place their name on this database may be asked to assist during lesson time to act as ‘living books’. This allows your school to demonstrate real and authentic work connecting the children to the outside world. For children these first hand encounters can inspire them far more than reading about it, watching it ‘virtually’ or just hypothesising about something.

The range of skills, knowledge and experience each of us possess is vast and varied, and by each contributing a little the breadth of exposure provided within your school can be enormous. Examples of community members who have previously given their time include:

  • Colleen CastledineColleen Castledine, who has for many years now provided extremely successful sewing classes every week.
  • Dr Susan Du Plessis, a GP who provided the older children with extremely interesting and informative hands on lessons about the human skeleton.
  • Uncle Dave, who came in as a true ‘living book’ when he had the children entranced with his real life experiences about life in London during the 1930s. 
  • NursingGenevieve Ternent the Princess Margaret Hospital’s familiarisation presenter for the Association for the Welfare of Children in Hospital who gave the children insightful hospital experiences including why people need medical attention and how it can be given. 
  • Andrew Lanigan whose mountain biking enthusiasm led him to building a 700m mountain bike course and providing a term long Fit for Life mountain bike course.
  • Latest_News_BP_Drawing_Term_3_2011Stuart Atkinson, an architectural draughtsman who shared his skills to help Rachel’s children in developing their big idea topic of buildings in which they explored structural integrity, building materials, innovation and many other topics.
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